Another Alex Ross painting (in case you missed his logo down there in the corner), this one from "War on Crime"...1 of the 4 painted "tabloid size" comics Ross did for DC. "War on Crime" focuses exclusively on Batman (the others star Superman, Wonder, or Captain Marvel) and what his day-to-day existence is like while recapping a bit of his origin. One of the more revealing pages shows Batman/Bruce down in the cave, removing cape and cowl (as seen here) so he can get in a strenuous workout after a night prowling the rooftops. As many times as DC comic has shown a shirtless Bruce (always a favorite shot for me), I can't remember any other artist showing Bruce with any permanent scars until Alex Ross gave us this shot and broke my heart. Later, when Bruce gets out of bed, still shirtless, we see scars on his chest, as well. With so much time spent on playing up Bruce's fantastic brain and his seemingly superhuman ability to calculate all the odds and plan for every contingency, it's easy to forget that when it comes down to it, there's nothing "super" about this superhero; he's a man in a costume, and he is NOT invincible. Alex reminded us of this fact in a graphic way with just a couple of pages that have been indelibly stuck in my memory.