This picture was taken by the AMAZING Chip Talbert, "amateur photographer". You can see his original of this picture (as well as a black and white version) on the following link: but **PLEASE** don't stop there! Check out Chip's whole site to see his amazing work, and be sure to look through his Georgia Renaissance Festival albums!! We GARF RenRats are very proud of Chip's work and how beautiful he makes us all look! :D My only criticism is that he made my eyes look more blue here than they really are--I'm actually on the gray end of the gray-blue scale. These are the eyes I WISH that I had... The outfit: ~~my "Lost Boys Groupie" renfaire look. The dragon pins on my left shoulder represent the members of the band at the time. The top one with long black hair is String, below that is Angus, third down with the yellow hair is Tom, and the last (but NEVER least) is Prince Aaron wearing his turban. On my right shoulder I'm wearing Lost Boys favor pins that say "Blame String" (from String, obviously) and "Smite Me" (from Tom). The top pin is one made by Elfqueen that has a copper camel on a teal ribbon for "Moor Appreciation Day" for Prince Aaron. The bottom pin is a small bouquet of 4 teal roses made by QuietMoon. There is also a silver necklace of a hand making the Lost Boys "L" sign. The strap on my shoulder that says "BROWNCOAT" also has the words FIREFLY and SERENITY; I attached it to my my embroidered cloth fan and when people commented on it, I told them, "Aye, tis the ship I'm servin' aboard currently." ;)