Some women are all about a guy's shoulders or (more often than not) his butt; some won't look twice at guys with long hair or facial hair, some focus their attention on the dude's hands. For me, it's always been the eyes, and something about Johnny's impossibly dark eyes always drew me in. His face structure is great for that--those ultra-high cheekbones of his just draw your gaze up his face to meet his eyes, and he's one of the few actors in film today who can tell you EXACTLY what his character is feeling without saying a word, and with very little facial expression. I'm so incredibly grateful he's gotten away from the habit of wearing his hair in his eyes! They are just TOO beautiful to hide. I think this USA TODAY pic may be my favorite one of him precisely because it focuses on his eyes, and you can see the twinkle that little half grin brings to them. I can stare at this one all day and never get tired of it.