I suppose that, technically, I should have put Captain Jack at the front of the Depp pics since he is the man who ignited the torch I now carry for Johnny Depp. Really, I probably should have put him ahead of all the other men except Zorro, because Jack sort of eclipses and encompasses them all; he has all of Errol's swashbuckling derring-do, Han's boastful swaggering nature, Indy's sharp mind and treasure-seeking itch (not to mention Indy's rotten luck for falling into trouble), Cary Grant's comedic timing, and Westley's dry humor. Jack is really in a class all by himself. My 9-year-old niece might never grow up to regard Errol Flynn the same way I do, but hopefully, even after she grows up, she'll always look back on Jack as fondly as she does now. He's the Errol for her age, and I hope he never loses his appeal to her. I know he won't lose any appeal for ME. :)